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Zoe Side Barrettes

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Each order comes with a delicate gift box.

Boundless world-Follow the heart-Zoe Side Barrettes

  • Gentle temperament, there are plates of different colors on the collage of the solid color base to break the monotony, the quality pearls are round and the finishing touch and the gentle temperament follows. 
  • Charming and chic, the fusion of patterns brings vivid visual effects, and the stacking of different elements enriches the spatial hierarchy of the work.
  • Green material selection, using acetic acid board extracted from plant flesh, healthy and environmentally friendly, flexible and shiny.

Product Features:  

  • Made from imitation pearl, imitation crystal, metal parts
  • Size: 5.5*2 cm
  • SPU:Y022SA015
  • Fine package: Comes in a flannel bag with a delicate gift box.

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